Valen Legal
Valen Tax

About Valen Group

Valen Group specializes in legal and accounting consulting.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive business support.

Valen Legal lawyers advise on legal matters which arise out of Russian law.

And Valen Tax specialists provide tax and accounting support.

Our clients include major foreign and Russian construction, commerce and IT companies.


  • Valentina
    Managing Partner
    • Law degree in Russian Federation
    • Studies at the University of Passau, Germany
    • Foreign languages: English, German
    • Since 2007 lawfirm Beiten Burkhardt
    • Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN
  • Thomas
    • Economics Degree
    • Foreign Languages: Croatian, English
    • 5+ years as a head of Accounting and Finance in European Companies
    • 2+ years as a SAP consultant for companies in Germany (Munich) and UAE (Dubai)
    • Since 2020 – Partner at VALEN